Bishop TD Jakes – Free Your Mind

Bishop TD Jakes - Free Your Mind

Bishop TD Jakes preaches

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  1. MrKafasi says:

    I’m coming out? head first

  2. QualityTubes says:

    Wow,? 175 don’t have the mind to change… 🙂

  3. twalker640 says:

    This is so true?

  4. MsWeston97 says:

    Brings tears to my eyes and now they are open,? I see…

  5. ajoseph925 says:

    God doesn’t discriminate and there is no favoritism? sir thank you

  6. SuperTruth77 says:

    This service is WORTHLESS in God’s eyes, as it fails to match the ideals of the one, true Catholic faith. ONLY Catholicism is recognised by God because:

    1) All priests are pure & celibate, & therefore closer to heavenly perfection.
    2) At communion we actually eat the REAL flesh & drink the REAL blood of our redeemer.
    3) Our Pope can trace his ancestry back to St? Peter, unlike other usurper creeds reliant on a few random charismatic speakers.

    Sorry if the Truth offends, but it must be spoken.

  7. birdiesfouris says:

    I don’t think his preaching has lead a stray. The bible isn’t so cut and dry, he is preaching stuff no one else will preach! he is? a very anointed man. I feel the anointing coming right through the screen at me. Satan is at work, when you try to condemn a holy man.

  8. cyrus1960 says:

    great sermon……….i? liked the dorothy comment

  9. zippienje says:

    fabolous..God bless? you

  10. Lello7462 says:

    Ma perchè nessuno traduce le predicazioni del past. T.D.Jakes in italiano ?? Ci sono migliaia di libri tradotti di vari predicatori ma nemmeno? uno del past. T.D.Jakes :(((

  11. socialbutterfly767 says:

    This is fact, you can’t please everyone. I know, I have tried pleasing people and it never worked. Going to church and praising God should not be a subject to disagree with and discuss. But again, those people you can’t please. If you got? problem with a big church, then mind your business and go to a smaller one and stop looking for something to cry about. We all have our preferences to attend any church we please.

  12. MrsJStamper10 says:

    how is that?? so if people are coming in hungry for the word of God and they feel lead to go to TD Jakes church, he should? turn them away b/c he would have “to many” people?? no!! Honey are you sure you know what the bible says??

  13. commodore64n1984 says:

    If you dont get it you dont understand the nature of the hater.Someone who is not ready? to change will never hear what he’s saying.

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